KNAJ (See also JFG-R)




It is the policy of the schools to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the interest of the larger welfare of all citizens. At the same time, schools have the responsibility to parents for the welfare of the students while they are in the care of the school.  To carry out this responsibility school officials should observe the following.


I.          CUSTODY


A duly authorized police officer may require that a pupil be released to his/her custody providing a written request from the local police department is presented to the school official in charge.  The request for custody should be made only when one or more of the following conditions exist:


1.   There are clear indications that the youth to be questioned is directly involved in a violation of a local ordinance, state or federal statute.


2.   The individual involved is a known fugitive from either his/her parents or justice.


3.   It appears in the best interest of the student that he or she be taken into protective custody.


The request must be signed by the local police chief or his/her official representative.  Both the police and school officials have a responsibility for notifying the parent or guardian of the action taken.


NOTE:  When circumstances dictate the immediate questioning of a pupil, a police officer will take the pupil into custody in accordance with the provisions of this statement.  It is clear that a police officer has the right to take a child into custody. However, it is important for law enforcement agencies and school authorities to recognize the parent-pupil-school relationship.




Except in cases where a student is the alleged victim in an investigation, the student may not be interrogated without prior notice to his/her parents.  In emergency situations, the prior notice may be waived if a reasonable attempt has been made to notify the parents.




Any violation of ordinances and laws on the school grounds dictate administrator and/or teacher involvement, which may include the questioning and custody of a pupil by school authorities.


Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993