Pace Video Content

This is an alternative text for the audio and video track, which presents equivalent information for the prerecorded video about the PACE program in the Rochester School Department this text is provided to meet ADA compliance.

Thumbnail image serving as a link to a PACE (Performance Assessment Competency Education) video.  A color photo of Spaulding High School in the background with a diagonal banner across the upper left corner, which says Watch. Covering the image is a graphic in the shape of New Hampshire covered with a word collage background, then PACE written in navy blue letters diagonally across it.  PACE is also written in large bright blue letters outlined in white in front of the photo of Spaulding High School. Also on top of the high school photo are the words Performance assessments to ensure students get the most out of their education By clicking on this image, the PACE video will play.

A male narrator presents the audio, which is in quotation below; while a slide show of short, videos and still images. These videos and images are of teachers assisting students with various projects on many grade levels.

"Within the Rochester School Department we are creating companionate learners, nurturing growth and lighting the way to each unique path.
As one of the four PACE districts in the nation, we focus on world class standards, assess by locally developed performance assessments.
Our eight elementary schools includes a new addition, the states only magnet school, full day kindergarten, each is dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere and encouraging strong starts for every educational journey. With our Middle School’s focus on positive behavior interventions we not only prepare students for high school learning, but also inspire friendly interactions within a safe environment. At Spaulding High School, we offer internships, dual enrollment collage level AP courses and a ROTC program that prepare students for higher learning and rewarding careers. And at BCA (Bud Carlson Academy) we offer an alternative to traditional high school where students receive diplomas outside of the sphere of a typical high school experience. Rochester School Department, where futures begin and leaning never ends. "