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Rochester Middle School Staff Directory
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Name Position Email
Adam Houghton Principal
Kristen White Assistant Principal
Paul Lewis Assistant Principal
Sarah Camus Special Education Coordinator
Melissa St. Pierre Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Linda Crabtree-Smith Administrative Assistant for Special Education
Susan Gill Administrative Assistant
Michaele Williamson Administrative Assistant
Name Position Email
Kari Bettencourt Grade 6 Guidance Counselor
Sheena Robbins Grade 7 Guidance Counselor
Lori Denis Grade 8 Guidance Counselor
Gail Corey Special Education Guidance Counselor
Fran Hebert Administrative Assistant to Guidance
Stanford Multi-Grade House
Grade 6 - Stanford 2025
Name Position Email
Elizabeth Weeks English
Kara Messinese Math
Maryann Leahy Special Education
Allen Spader Science
Curt Lalonde Social Studies
Grade 7 - Stanford 2024
Name Position Email
Elizabeth Knowlton English
Rob Fortier Math
Katherine Brown Special Education
Heather Beardsworth Science
Nicole Gallagher Social Studies
Grade 8 - Stanford 2023
Name Position Email
Katie Taylor English
Scott Prieto Math
Kristin Gagnon Special Education
Sarah Boyle Science
Evelyn French Social Studies
Grade 6 Teams
Boston College
Name Position Email
Adam Black English
Sara Keller Math
Katie Grace Science
Katie Grace Social Studies
Carissa Ryan Special Education
Colby College
Name Position Email
Connie Studer English
Brandon Williams Math
Matthew Gray Science
Crista Woolley Social Studies
Southern New Hampshire
Name Position Email
Cheryl Hanscom English
Linda Stevens Math
Cindy Kosko Special Education
Tim Farrington Science
Donna Spaulding Social Studies
Grade 7 Teams
Boston University
Name Position Email
Maggie Skafidas English
Annah Kelley Math
Lex Buzzell Science
Caryn Costello Social Studies
Name Position Email
Eric Maserati English
Butch Emerson Math
Victoria Perkins Special Education
Denise Seminara Science
Kelly Gray Social Studies
Name Position Email
Alison Smith English
Randi Margey Math
Tom Muzzey Science
Shauni McGown Social Studies
Ellen Willis Special Education
Grade 8 Teams
Name Position Email
Ken Daynard English
Bobbi Gagne Math
Mark Sampson Science
Beth Gouzoules Social Studies
University of Hawaii
Name Position Email
Lea Marshall English
Elizabeth MacMillan Math
Rachel Bratter Special Education
Bradon Ott Science
Kayla Wark Social Studies
Plymouth State
Name Position Email
Liz Lampron English
Marie Bahlert Math
Jenn Anderson Special Education
Trisha Ferioli Science
Kate Oswald Social Studies
Multi Grade Teams
University of Texas
Name Position Email
Amy Beranger English
Robert Kelley Math
Jen Doherty Social Studies
University of Vermont
Name Position Email
Kristi Olivares Teacher
Jennifer Readel Teacher
Mary Else Guidance Counselor
University of Maine
Name Position Email
Mindy Hussey Teacher
Unified Arts
Name Position Email
Mary Mojica Art
Susan Schuler Art
Eric Diamond Band
Zoe Jost Chorus
Amy Boyd Computer
Rachel Rouillard Computer
Jennifer Warren  CAD
Tracy Smith Physical Education
Sean Sullivan Physical Education
Dave Colson Physical Education
Lorne Lucas Health
Michael Caldwell P.O.W.E.R.
Gail Nelson FCS
Laura Hogan French
Julliette d’Empaire-Poirier Spanish
Chris Evans Reading Specialist
Melissa Couture Reading Interventionist
Lisa Parsell Math Interventionist
Name Position Email
Kristen Sturtevant Library Media Specialist
Heather Leas Library Assistant Para-Educator
Nurse's Office
Name Position Email
Cori Brown Nurse
Stephanie McSharry Nurse
Amy Knox Admininistrative Assistant
Support Staff
Name Position Email
Sargent Anthony Deluca School Resource Officer
Cheryl Boulay Speech/Language Services
Emily Pelletier Speech/Language Services
Elizabeth Callahan Teacher
Scott Baker Para-Educator
Wendy Bober Para-Educator
Jody Bousquin Para-Educator
Colleen French Para-Educator
Sara Garran Para-Educator
Karen Halliday Para-Educator
Gwen Laurent Para-Educator
Elizabeth Morris Para-Educator
Tina Litchfield Para-Educator
Jodi McCallion Para-Educator
Elaine Menard Para-Educator
Daniel Nieman Para-Educator
Becky Ricker Para-Educator
Sarah Ebner Para-Educator
Michelle Shaw Para-Educator
Kathy Stone Para-Educator
Paul Tentindo Para-Educator
Morgan Wallingford Para-Educator
Chris Whittum Para-Educator
Building Aides
Darla Lent Para-Educator
School Suspension
John Field Teacher