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Aerospace AFJROTC

AFJROTC Aerospace Science and Leadership Education

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is a citizenship program with course offerings in aerospace science and leadership education. There is no military obligation associated with this program. Emphasis is on development of self-confidence, discipline, communication skills, leadership, and community service. Each course is a combination of aerospace science, leadership education, military drill and physical fitness. Students experience hands-on science and leadership activities throughout the semester. Several field trips are available including flights on an Air National Guard KC-135 Tanker and Cessna 172 general aviation aircraft. AS 210 Flight Science can be a substitute for Physics: Energy in Motion. AS 200 International and Cultural Studies can be a substitute for Global Studies. AS 300 Space Exploration can be a substitute for Moving Earth and the Stars Above. Students can earn two elective college credits for each AFJROTC course they complete through Adams State College or the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. These elective credits can be transferred to colleges and universities nation-wide. While there is no military obligation associated with AFJROTC courses, there are several benefits available to students interested in military service. Students interested in pursuing a commission have added opportunity to apply for admission to a service academy and compete for college ROTC
scholarships. Students who enlist graduate from basic training at one or two higher pay grades than other graduates (depending on the branch of service.

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