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Summer School 2019

Summer School 2019
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IN District Students

Registration Form
OUT OF District Students

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is that time of year for students not earning credits in one or more classes at Spaulding High School to consider enrolling in summer school. Spaulding High School’s summer school is aimed at helping students get back on track earning credits towards graduation and improve student achievement. At this time we would like to invite your child to participate in summer school to help them reach these goals.

If your child has completed recovery or is currently working on a plan for recovery with their guidance counselor or another means, disregard this letter. Feel free to call with any questions.

Summer School Policies...

Summer school is an opportunity for students to earn credit through competency recovery. Students are responsible for working with their content area teachers on designing relearning plans that meet the competencies for their course(s).

SHS considers attendance to be a behavior that directly impacts learning and progress. Be-cause of the individualized nature of each student’s plan, attendance is crucial to success. Failure to attend and attend on time may result in removal from summer school. Refunds will not be issued after July 12, 2019.

Students may leave summer school when they have successfully completed their relearning and reassessment plan, in addition to following the checkout procedure for summer school, which includes a self-reflection paper and a final review in front of the SHS summer school coordinator for final approval of credit. For some students this may take up to 20 days. For others, it may take less time. Each plan is individualized for the student based on the number of competencies and courses they need to take.

Students must enter through the SHS front doors and report to their assigned rooms . They must remain in the Summer School wing until the end of their scheduled session(s).

Students must abide by all Rochester School Board policies, SHS policies, and those out-lined in the student/parent handbook.

Students must call the school in the rare event that they are absent or will be late. Re-peated absences and/or tardiness could result in dismissal from summer school .

How to Enroll...