Exploratory Classes

All technology courses are exploratory programs in which students investigate the nature of technology as it applies to technical-industrial methods, daily lives, consumer choices, the environment, hobbies, and the development of attitudes and skills necessary for today's increasingly technological world.  It is a curriculum are in which students use problem-solving techniques to plan for, design, create, and experiment with technology.  By working with tools, materials, and power equipment, students relate academic education topics to occupational and leisure activities; a meaningful and practical experience.  The technology program involves hands-on applied education in the classroom.  All students should consider a technical component to their education.

Technology Education courses:

  • Car Care & Maintenance
  • Computers & Repair, Introduction to
  • Creative Metal Work
  • Drafting Technology: Pre-Engineering
  • Drafting Technology: Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Electricity, Exploring
  • Floral Design, Introductory
  • Graphic Communication Technology
  • Graphic Design, Exploring
  • Home Plumbing, Exploring
  • Machine Tool Technology 1, Exploring
  • Machine Tool Technology 2, Exploring
  • Photography, B&W and Color Digital
  • Restaurant Careers, Exploring
  • Small Engine Technology
  • Women in Engineering and Design
  • Woodworking Technology 1
  • Woodworking Technology 2
  • Woodworking Technology 3
Career Exploration courses:
  • Career Education
  • Career Internship
  • Jobs for America's Graduates NH (JAG)
  • Senior Exiting, College Planning
  • Senior Exiting, Career Planning
  • Work Experience
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