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Instructor Position Email
Mark Archambeault Precision Machining
Robert Burke Manufacturing (Woodworking)
Linda Crosby Business Commerce
Justin Discoe Video & Photographic Arts
Lori Discoe Graphics Design
Scott Donnelly Manufacturing (Woodworking)
Jason Eberl Architecture/Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Garay Restaurant Management
Sean Kenney - Website Computer Networking & Telecommunications
Jay Keough Criminal Justice & Homeland Security
Lisa Kumph Health Science Technology
Angela Lattime Banking and Financial Services
Laura Lewis Teaching Multiple Levels (Foundations of Education)
John Mastroianni Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC)
Tracy Mitropoulos Accounting
Bob Nienhouse Automotive Service Technology
Darren Scopel Environmental Science & Sustainable Studies
Deborah Weymouth Restaurant Management