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The Modern & Classical Language Department

The role of international language education in the United States is becoming vitally important in everyday living. Through the study of languages, students gain the rich experience of real communication with other human beings and an understanding of individual differences to the extent perhaps that no other discipline can offer. It prepares them with mature responses to the diversity of world cultures and the needs of our American pluralistic society. Learning language is learning people.

In an age where people are seeking identity and wishing to rediscover their roots, world communities are awakening to the necessity of learning about themselves and about the cultures and languages of their neighbors. To meet this challenge, we, as language teachers of Rochester, are trying to bring about a change in attitudes and emphasis on international language education to ensure its benefits to all Americans.

Today, an increasing number of business training institutions are requiring their vocational trainees to add competence in the use of an international language to the skill being acquired to practice the vocation itself. That is why many colleges are bolstering their language programs and many college students are completing their degrees with affiliated international colleges. To arrive at these goals, at least a two year preparation in international language is considered essential to a basic college preparatory high school program. Students who plan to attend competitive colleges should study international language for three or four consecutive years. The International Language Department recommends that students who are considering taking first year language be enrolled in at least ENR level English classes. Taking languages should be consecutive as much as possible.

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